Skid Steer Loaders
Rated Load / Operating Capacity
Net Power
57 kW (77 hp)
Stage IIIA
Skid Steer Loaders
  • Engine: Yanmar
  • Net Power: 57 kW (77 hp)
  • Breakout Force: 25 kN
  • Rate Load: 1,045 kg
  • Bucket Capacity 0.45 m3
  • Operating Weight: 3,500 kg

Built for Efficiency

  • Standard quick coupler matches with Bobcat, Case, and John Deere, etc. 
  • High stability and heavy tipping load. 
  • Self leveling valve prevents losing loads. 
  • Powerful radiator provides good cooling. 
  • Heavy duty adjustable drive chain. 
  • Meets EU stage IIIA/EPA tier 3 emission standards.
  • Turbo air filter removes over 90% of dust and impurities, reducing engine wear, lowering fuel consumption, extending engine service life and improving engine efficiency. 


Operating Weight


The CLG385AIII has an operating weight of 7,716 lbs, which is 12% heavier than the average compact skid steer loader.


This loader has a net power output of 77 HP, making it 22% more powerful than a typical competing model in its class.

Operating Load

It can lift up to 2,303 lbs, 15% more weight than the average for this segment.

Bucket Capacity

The CLG385AIII has a standard bucket capacity of 0.65 cubic yards, meaning it can carry 0.12 cubic yards more than the load expected of a typical compact skid steer loader.

Skid Steer Loaders