European Spare Parts Distribution Network
"Efficient supply of spare parts is crucial to the performance of LiuGong machines. The first line of support for the customers is the local network, which carries stocks of required parts".

You can count on your LiuGong dealer

When it comes to enhancing and repairing a LiuGong machine, obviously the only place to go for Genuine Service is your local LiuGong dealer. Well trained and skilled technicians will always understand your machine better than anyone else.

LiuGong Genuine Parts

Using genuine LiuGong parts is key to keeping your costs low and your machine in top working order. We have a worldwide parts network that can supply you with parts when you need them to maximize your machines uptim. Our dealers use only genuine parts and accessories, complying with the highest LiuGong performance standards. This means that, mentioned parts won't adversely affect your equipment's warranty or resale value and helps you to avoid excess wear and usage expenses with your lease, by providing an ideal look and fit. More over, they are all backed by a limited warranty.

European Spare Parts Distribution Network

All genuine LiuGong Parts are distributed by the European Headquarters of LiuGong via the European dealer network throughout Europe from the warehouse located in the Poland. In order to follow as closely as possible the overall market demand we are trying to keep our parts fulfilment rate above 95%.

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For immediate and professional support please contact your local LiuGong dealer.